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Servers are made in order for organization users to perform various tasks and use various computer services. At a certain point each organization has to buy a server. After buying a server, it is equipped with a software package that fully satisfies the client's needs.

Our company performs full installation and de-installation of the server or server systems for legal entities.

On the webpage “How to order services” you can learn about how to order services, how to make an agreement on performing services, and where to find answers to the questions related to making the agreement.

You can learn about the prices for the services offered in the Prices section of the site.

To order server setting services:

Server setting costs

Number of servers Type of servers Deadlines for server settings Server settings prices *
1 server Proxy server (internet gateway) 1 business day 12 900 rubles (~ $ 445)
1 server Terminal Server 2 business days 27 900 rubles (~ $ 962)
1 server File Server 0.5 working days 5 800 rubles (~ $ 200)
1 server Database server (database) 1 business day 18 900 rubles (~ $ 652)
1 server Mail Server (EXCHANGE) 2 business days 27 900 rubles (~ $ 962)
1 server Domain controller 3 days 37 900 rubles (~ $ 1 307)
1 server DNS server 1 business day 12 900 rubles (~ $ 445)
1 server WEB server from 1 business day 21 900 rubles (~ $ 755)

* Programming support to be installed on the server can be purchased together with the hardware or can be supplied by the client.

Our company specialists perform server settings that are controlled by operating systems: Windows, FreeBSD, linux.

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What server settings include

Server settings include:

During server setup (for any server size), a lot of attention is paid to backing up the data and configuring safety policies for your server in order to provide fault-free server use and shared Internet access.

If you need to setup or change the setup of your server, but you don't know how to approach this issue, and how to order the server settings for your own company, our company specialists will help you to formulate your server tasks, give you their professional advice and inform on what server programming support is necessary in your specific case.

You can learn how to order the settings services on the webpage «How to order services».

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When there is a need to setup the server

Usually there is a need to setup the server when creating a new computer infrastructure for a newly established company or after optimizing the hardware of the server in order to accommodate the increased data flow.

Also, retuning of server programming support is necessary when the server is transferred from one programming platform onto another.

In the cases when the clients don't have their own servers and it's necessary to supply them with the hardware for future tuning of a server, you can learn about the order of agreement on the server configuration and future order using our form Feedback.

When you order a combined service of full server setup with future server programming maintenance, there are significant discounts for server setup.

Clients that have an agreement for subscriber-based computer maintenance are provided with discounts for server settings and other services that our company offers.

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