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On the webpage “How to order services” you can learn about how to order services, how to make an agreement on performing services, and where to find answers to the questions related to making the agreement.

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Pay for goods and services can be a payment service on the page: Payment service.

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Computer subscriber based services

Number of computersTariff 1Tariff 2 Tariff 3
up to 5 computers2900 rubles per month (~ $ 100) *6 300 rubles per month (~ $ 220)7 800 rubles per month (~ $ 269)
from 6 to 10 computers870 rubles per 1 computer per month (~ $ 30) 1 270 rubles per 1 computer per month (~ $ 45) 1 380 rubles per 1 computer per month (~ $ 48)
from 11 to 20 computers   1 120 rubles per 1 computer per month (~ $ 39) 1 260 rubles per 1 computer per month (~ $ 43)
from 21 to 35 computers  970 rubles per 1 computer per month (~ 33 $) 1 090 rubles per 1 computer per month (~ $ 38)

*The price is given for computer maintenance for a month.

You can find a more detailed description of the prices for services in subscriber computer maintenance section.

  • We also provide services for organizations with more than 35 computers.

  • It is possible to individually approach computer maintenance as per client request.

This approach is used when the client needs some additional services to the standard package of the performed services or, to the contrary, to limit the number of job tasks listed in the standard computer maintenance agreement.

With one-time payment for three or more months a 10% discount is provided.

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Server setting

Number of servers Type of servers Deadlines for server settings Server settings prices *
1 server Proxy server (internet gateway) 1 business day 12 900 rubles (~ $ 445)
1 server Terminal Server 2 business days 27 900 rubles (~ $ 962)
1 server File Server 0.5 working days 5 800 rubles (~ $ 200)
1 server Database server (database) 1 business day 18 900 rubles (~ $ 652)
1 server Mail Server (EXCHANGE) 2 business days 27 900 rubles (~ $ 962)
1 server Domain controller 3 days 37 900 rubles (~ $ 1 307)
1 server DNS server 1 business day 12 900 rubles (~ $ 445)
1 server WEB server from 1 business day 21 900 rubles (~ $ 755)

You can find a more detailed description of the prices for services in server settings section.

  • The price for the full server setting, whether the server is maintained by agreement or as a one-time procedure for the client-company, is a separate charge from computer maintenance charges.

In each case the estimation of the deadlines and prices for full server settings is done individually depending on the client's requirements.

Server settings are done under the control of the operating systems: Windows, FreeBSD, Linux.

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Network installation

Number of work placesPrices for network installation
up to 5 pieces 9 900 rubles (~ $ 341)

Prices for materials to install this type of network range from 6 000 rubles to 10 000 rubles.

The exact list of the data needed for calculation of installation costs can be provided by our specialists at (495) 662-59-27 or in the section of the website “How to order services”.

You can find a more detailed description of the prices for services at the website section on network installation.

Our company offers services on network installation and installation of structured cable systems. We also perform equipment installation and setting wireless local networks into an operating mode.

If it is necessary for the networks or structured cable systems to be installed for more work places, the cost of work, the cost of the necessary equipment and materials is calculated in each case separately.

This is related to the fact that objective estimation of price requires the account of the following factors:

  • Number of work places and the number of plugs per work place
  • Area of the space where it is necessary to install the network
  • Thickness of walls and materials they are made of

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Complex software licensing

Number of computersPrice for the first stage of complex software licensing**Price for the second stage of complex software licensing**
up to 5 piecesFree from 8 900 rubles (~ $ 307) *
more than 5 pieces from 3 000 rubles (~ $ 103)calculated individually

* Indicated works price is valid for installation of not more than 3 programs per computer.

** You can learn more about this service by reading the website section on Complex software licensing

Complex software licensing is necessary when client's computer software has to be installed in accordance with the legislation, that is illegal software has to be exchanged for paid software or free licensed analogs.

Complex software licensing services include two main stages:

  • Checking condition of installed computer software issuing a report on the necessary amount of work to be performed and the prices for full complex software licensing
  • Performing the installation of the necessary set of programs after confirming the works price with the client.

Complex software licensing price consists of:

  • prices for 2 stages of licensing work
  • prices for the licensed software, installed on the client's computers during the licensing

Installed software price can amount to zero!

  • if freely distributed software for the client's needs can be found (that is, free software)

If client's requirements cannot be met with this sort of software, then the price for software installation will be increased by:

  • Paid licensed software price.

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The clients who have signed the subscriber agreement for computer maintenance receive a significant discount for all the services offered by our company.