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We equip workplaces under any requirements

Certified assembly guarantees durability and safety of our computers

Let's execute installation of a local network of any complexity

How to order services

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Prices for our services are listed in the section Prices.

Ways of ordering services

To request our services, send us a price quote request by one of the following ways:


Call the phone number +7(495) 662-59-27 and place the order.

All the questions can be clarified with our technical consultants. We receive orders in any format with your contact phone number and the name of your organization. Please, don't forget to specify your contact information. After receiving the request, our staff members will make sure to contact you.


By email: main@mibis.ru


Send your order request by fax +7(495) 662-59-27, press "0" in the tone mode for an automatic fax transmission


send in your order using our form Feedback

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Methods of payment services

Warning: You can pay for ordered service or product in our company in the following ways:

  • Cash on the spot after rendering services
  • Through payment systems (WebMoney (WMR, WMZ)), Yandex.Dengi, Moneymail, Eleksnet, RBKMoney)
  • Transfers from a bank card (rubles, dollars)
  • Cash through the bank branch
  • Through payment terminals Qiwi (Russian payment system)
  • Transfer of non-cash (rubles, dollars)

Pay for goods and services can be a payment service on the page: Payment service.

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Additional details


  • Our services can be paid both by cash and by a bank transfer.
  • When it's impossible to reasonably calculate the services price after a phone conversation with a client, our technical specialist will arrive at the work location to determine the amount of work to be done and to describe our work in detail.

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Conclusion of agreement on computer maintenance

Our company performs subscriber-based computer maintenance (IT outsourcing) for legal entities on a contract basis.

  • The first thing to do is to contact our managers through one of the indicated above ways to request a work order for the required services.
  • Our specialists will assist you in choosing the prices and the list of the necessary services to be included in the maintenance contract. You will receive a sample of the computer maintenance contract to your email.
  • If you have any difficulties in estimating the price of the computer maintenance by phone, you can invite a qualified specialist to your office for reasonable estimation of the necessary work to support your computer park under the service agreement.
  • After agreeing on the list of the necessary services, the manager estimates the price of computer maintenance for your organization.
  • Upon agreement on price you have to send us your contact information details for the agreement. If the price is higher than you expected, our representative will be glad to offer you cheaper ways of providing services of computer maintenance.
  • After discussing all the issues our representative will bring original copies of the contract to your office for signing, as well as an invoice for the first month of work.
  • Upon signing the contract and paying the bill our technical specialists will start their planned work of subscriber-based computer maintenance.

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Important notice on computer maintenance contract agreement

When signing the computer maintenance contract with the Client, an SLA (Service Level Agreement) is signed.

The SLA defines:

  • A list of services that are performed on a contract basis on computer maintenance.
  • Time of providing services, the order of making changes.
  • Incident reaction deadlines.
  • The order of interaction between the Client and the Contractor.
  • Contact information of authorized employees of both parties.
  • The order and deadlines for payments for the services performed. 

The proof of fruitful cooperation for future computer maintenance is a detailed description of work that will be performed by the service supplier.

Our company consultants will always try to help you to understand which services the Client needs while performing computer maintenance, and which he doesn't need.

The list of work is agreed upon before signing the maintenance contract.

In the process of signing the contract all the approved for performance work is written down in the Service Level Agreement. Due to this plan of agreement signing, the Clients don't have any questions or disputes about the work plan or the order of work provided in the future.

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Local network installation Ц from quote request to contract signing

Several steps have to take place from the moment of Client's request for network installation to the moment of signing the contract.

Let's look at these steps to perform an easier and faster interaction between the Client and the Contractor, which is our company, while agreeing upon local network installation:

  • The client contacts the managers of our company through one of the ways, indicated at the beginning of the page for initial request placement
  • In order to objectively calculate the price of the project of local network installation our specialists have to receive exact information about:
    • the size of the premises for installation
    • the order of work stations placement, noting the number of plugs per each work station
    This information can be supplied in two ways:
    • send your plan of premises, if you have one, to our contact email main@mibis.ru, showing the measurements and the work station locations
    • if there is no plan of premises, our specialist can come to the premises, based on prior arrangements, and measure the premises himself
  • Based on the data received, our specialists will perform calculations of the necessary work to do and the cost of the materials to be used (cable channels, plugs, cables and connectors, etc.)
  • After agreeing upon the prices and the installation duration of the local area network, both parties sign a contract
  • Our staff members start working on the installation project after the Client has paid the contract fees.

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