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We equip workplaces under any requirements

Certified assembly guarantees durability and safety of our computers

Let's execute installation of a local network of any complexity

CEO of the Center for Information Technology Consultant

CEO of the Center for Information Technology "Consultant"

Maksim Isaev.

e-mail: main@mibis.ru

We began operations in the year 2000. The creators and the founders of the company were specialists with higher education in Radioelectronics and Radio Technology who had experience working with complex computer systems.

The time has proven that our choice has been correct. From the very beginning, our main direction of work was helping outside clients, large companies as well as small companies in creating and maintaining their whole computer systems (from the simplest to the most complex ones). Today it is called IT outsourcing.

The principle of forming the price for our services has also proven to be correct, that is small prices for each client, possible only when we have a lot of permanent maintenance clients.

As we worked for many years orienting ourselves in the area of IT outsourcing, we were able to develop the most convenient plan for our clients that takes into consideration the clients' needs and to form the staff of highly qualified specialists performing requested work professionally, quickly and competently.

Presently we provide a full complex of services that include maintaining and setting up computers, servers, installing and setting up local area networks (LAN), remote computer and server maintenance, support of smooth, fault-free and protected work of the whole IT equipment complex, and setting up and installing software services.

Performing subscriber based computer maintenance and server settings, we are also ready, if necessary, to supply our clients with the necessary parts, licensed software and ready-made computer systems.

We are happy, ready and can work with both small companies with one computer and companies with medium or large computer technology parks with tens and hundreds of units.

Russian IT outsourcing market is quite young, but the market size for IT services is growing year after year following world-wide tendencies.

More and more companies understand that by delegating non-core activities aimed at providing auxiliary business systems functioning to a third party, the company receives:

  • significant monetary savings compared to keeping their own IT services, one or more system administrators. This factor is especially important in the conditions of the world financial crisis. Working with us is a direct way to lower your expenses
  • highly qualified performance of a complex of tasks and requirements to support permanent, smooth and protected work, preventative work and elimination of faults in the whole IT infrastructure of the company. It's not a secret that the majority of the companies encounter difficulties in attracting highly qualified specialists to work for them, if the companies are not specializing themselves in IT
  • independence from the human factor of your own IT specialists – dealing with their illnesses, vacations, etc. We, and consequently you, don't have this problem due to complete interchangeability of our staff members. If our staff member is sick, his job can be performed by another well-qualified specialist, who replaces the regular staff member maintaining your organization systems.


  • Give the client and his employees an opportunity to proceed with their own business by taking care of ALL issues related to IT infrastructure
  • Individual approach and attention to each client
  • Meeting all client's requirements by creating, using reliable information systems and their further maintenance and support
  • Use of the most advanced and at the same time the most cost-effective for the client modern technologies
  • Immediate reaction and fast response to all problems that arise in clients' information systems

Having allowed our professionals to service your information systems, you will have a significant competitive advantage, resource savings, and fast knowledgeable solution to any developmental tasks and support for your company computer infrastructure.

In 2002 our company joined the Consultant group of companies specializing in outsourcing for various company business processes.

Presently the group of companies Consultant covers a large sector of non-core processes of our client companies, performing the following types of outsourcing:
  • IT outsourcing
  • Subscriber based accounting for organizations and sole proprietors
  • Human resources and administration
  • Legal outsourcing, including company and sole proprietor registration
  • Auditing functions

By using our services you can count on a complex support in the sphere of information technologies, as well as use services of other Consultant groups companies by concluding separate agreement with them.

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