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Our company offers network installation services.

Network installation is a complex of tasks on creating a local network.

Creating a network implies: work on designing the network, installing the equipment (cable channels, closets, computer and phone plugs), cable installation, attaching cables to plugs, testing the network connection for proper installation.

Local network can be made wired or wireless.

Our company specialists have a lot of practical experience in performing this type of work.

We have implemented projects for offices with several work stations, as well as a number of large projects where the number of work stations amounted to hundreds and thousands. We performed work for company offices consisting of one or several rooms, as well as for companies where the Client occupied different building floors, and where company offices were in different buildings, separated from each other.

To provide for the functioning and interconnection of the network elements we use active network equipment: connection switches (switches) and routers.

Setting up, connection, tuning of active equipment works are not included in the list of the work that we perform, and they are performed separately. For more information, use the Feedback form.

On the webpage How to order services you can learn about how to order installation services, how to make an agreement on performing network services, and where to find answers to the questions related to making the agreement.

You can learn about the prices for services in the website section Prices.

In order to send your request for service pricing:

Network installation price

Number of work stations Labor cost
from 3 to 5 pieces 9 900 rubles (~ $ 341)

Cost of materials used for this project starts from 6 000 rubles to 10 000 rubles (~ $ 207 - $ 345).

Labor costs for large size networks are calculated individually, since even for networks with the same number of work stations, costs can differ a lot depending on the characteristics of the space and the requirements of the client to the types of materials used in the installed network.

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Steps of performing network installation

For proper performance each network shall be designed first.

Local network design starts with client providing the following:

If the client does not have an opportunity to supply the plan of the premises, our technical specialist can come to your premises to make such plan

Our employee will make all the necessary measurements of the premises and note all special features of the cable channel and cable placement.

Designing the network is done for free if the network is made for fewer than 30 work stations.

Network design for more work stations shall be paid.

Each project price is different depending on special characteristics of the premises, the materials used for installing the network, and the type of the local network.
There is a contract made with a client for each project that specifies all the deadlines and project costs.
Upon completion of works testing is carried out, as well as equipment marking and network registration.

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Installing the network works options

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Installing turnkey networks

Our company offers a service of turnkey network installation.

This service represents a package offer consisting of:

The client just needs to give the starting data, necessary for network installation, and to agree upon the cost of works. Everything else will be done by our technical specialists.

Even if you have to do some network jobs or customized structured cable system work, our specialists can provide you with various solutions.

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Package services

To serve our clients better our company provide them with a package proposal.

Package proposal includes subscriber-based service maintenance of installed equipment to provide for fault-free network performance.

You can find information on how to order our services on the webpage How to order services.

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