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SLA (Service Level Agreement).

An integral part of our agreement computer maintenance is SLA (Service Level Agreement).

скачать   Download a sample SLA

What is it and what does it do?

In the SLA is described as detailed as possible order of interaction between supplier and customer of IT services.

Here are the main points of which are described in the agreement most often:

  • Hours provider
  • Cost of work in performing the services during working hours
  • Is it possible option works outside of working hours
  • Cost of the work during off-hours
  • Contact persons on both sides
  • The order of the interaction of contact persons, etc.

In the SLA generally covers all IT services provided by the supplier under a contract of service, and services that can be ordered at extra cost. Just describe the details of a possible interaction between the parties, which seem important to any party to the treaty. At the stage of signing the customer service can make any additions.

As a result, the customer clearly knows what he can expect from the service provider and how much it will cost him.

Sample SLA

Clearly see what does the "Service Level Agreement, you can download an example of SLA of our company:

скачать   Download a sample SLA

For our clients, we are ready to make the SLA any reasonable additions that will make our work together more comfortable.

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