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Software licensing is a complete exchange of non-licensed software for a number of licensed programs or freely distributed programs.

Our company will perform software licensing for your company.

On the webpage How to order services you can learn about how to request software licensing, how to make an agreement on performing software licensing services, and where to find answers to the questions related to making the agreement.

You can find prices for the services performed in the section Prices.

In order to send a request for software licensing:

Software licensing price

Number of computers First stage price * Second stage price *
up to 5 computers Free from 8 900 rubles (~ $ 307)
over 5 computers from 3 000 rubles (~ $ 103) calculated individually

* In order to learn more about the programming support, go to sub-section Steps of software licensing

Paid licensed software is used only when it's not possible to use free analogs.

Our company specialists will find an optimal number of programs to fulfill the project of software licensing for your company.

In order to save you money, the programs that are distributed for free are going to be used in most cases (there are programs with open program access).

Paid licensed software and parts for computer upgrade, if necessary, can be purchased in our company when performing software licensing. In this case the price for software and its parts will be offered with a significant discount.

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Software licensing stages

Software licensing project consists of two stages:

  1. Software conditions check

    At this stage a detailed analysis of the installed software is performed on the computers of the client company. Non-licensed software as well as outdated software is detected. It is also determined which software can be exchanged for analogous software with better functional capabilities.

    Based on the analysis results the client is presented with detailed recommendations on exchanging the software stating the price for the work and the price of software (in case of having to install paid software).

    Recommendations on hardware upgrade are also given if new software may have compatibility problems with outdated computer configurations.

  2. Performing reinstalling and exchanging of the existing software for the licensed software.

    This stage involves development of works schedule to install licensed software, purchase of paid software and further software installation in accordance with approved schedule.

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Full transfer to free software

One of the licensing software options, provided by our company, involves using completely free software.

The most popular programs of this type are Linux family programs. Depending on client's needs there is also a selection of free software from other manufacturers.

The advantage for the client in transferring to non-licensed software is the fact that the project price will include only selection, installation and setup of software provided by our specialists.

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The need to perform software licensing

The relevance of the software licensing service is obvious move than ever.

Using non-licensed software is a violation of Article 146 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and Articles 499, 500 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

Copyright protection measures are getting stricter in our country year after year. One cannot receive support or updating of illegal software either.

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Advantages of software licensing

Performing software licensing will allow you to receive the following advantages in the future work of your company:

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Possibilities of software licensing with discounts or for free

The clients, who have subscriber-based agreements for computer maintenance, receive software licensing services with significant discounts.

Also, our clients who receive the services in computer maintenance, could also receive part of the services in software licensing for free.

The amount of the discount or the amount of free work is determined individually for each client, if possible.

In order to learn how to order our company services or clarify any issue, you can visit the webpage How to order services.

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