Over 10 years of work by specialists of ITC consultant was held and continues to be executed on this day a great number of various technical papers on IT equipment of our esteemed clients, among them the one-off project work and continuous subscription service computer and server companies.

Dear Customers, we are very pleased that you appreciated the quality of our work and professionalism of the company!

We appreciate your trust and will continue to adhere to high standards in the quality of services!

With a portion of customer references you can find below:

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Real estate agency "Vot jetot dom"

Chief Financial Officer Nikishin A.S.


In Translation:

«….Employees LLC ITC Consultant "have established themselves as skilled professionals, capable of carrying responsibility for the outcome of their work. Level of service corresponds to the level of services stated in the contract. Skills and the existing scheme of work with our clients allow us to recommend LLC ITC Consultant to continue providing services for computer organizations… »


Secondary school 2. VV Dagaeva GO Losino-Petrovsky

The headmaster O.L. Naberezhneva

In Translation:

«...We express our gratitude to the management and staff LLC ITC consultant "for a high level of organization and professionalism of the company, as well as efficiency in the performance of work on contractual obligations. Cooperation experience has shown that LLC ITC Consultant "is a reliable and responsible partner, which employs experts who know their business...»

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Advertising group "Edmos"

The Director-General Gaydunko V.V.

In Translation:

«…During our cooperation we appreciated the competent advice on the type and configuration of equipment, as well as an understanding of our needs, and timely service..»


Municipal educational institutions Secondary School 1

The headmaster, V.E. Morozov

In Translation:

«….We are grateful to the staff LLC IT Consultant and the Director General personally Isaev Maxim Sergeyevich. Quality service to computer technology, rapid response to requests for schools have significantly reducing downtime of computer technology in the educational process...»


Municipal educational institutions Secondary School 4

Director of school 4 Lapaeva N.I.

In Translation:

«….We are very grateful to all of your company for their good work and efficiency in all matters. Precise performance of your contractual obligations to supply product and service really helped us in our work...»